Ravenloft is a place not of this world or any other. A hidden realm deep within the Ethereal Plane, occasionally extending its misty fingers into other worlds. It exists as a microcosm unto itself and follows its own mystical set of laws. The land is alive. It does not breathe as a creature does, but it responds to the life within it. The land hungers for those whose evil is strong enough to draw its attention.

Level 5 – 6 15k-23k – Barovia

Level 6-7 23k-35k – The Death House

Level 7-8 35k-51k – Meet Strahd, The Birth of D, Argynvostholt, “In the house of Daegon the sorcerer born, though life, unlife, unliving shall scorn.”

Level 8-9 51k-75k – Vallaki (Think Cheliax), “The lifeless child of stern mother found. Heralds a time, night of evil unbound.”

Level 9-10 75k-105k – Ravenloft City (Krezk, Tsolenka Pass, Van Richten’s Tower, Wizard of Wines) “Seventh time the son of suns doth rise, to send the knave to an eternity of cries.”

Level 10-11 105k-155k – Darklord Realm 1 (Vlad Drakov, Darkon). “The light of the sky shining over the dead, Shall gutter and fail, turning all to red.”

Level 11-12 155k-220k – Darklord Realm 2 (Invictus, Qalazar, Zantetsu). "The bodiless shall journey to the time before, Where happiness to hate creates land and lore

Level 12-13 220k-315k – Darklord Realm 3 (Lord Soth).

Level 13-14 315k-445k – Yester Hill, Gather Allies (Barovia).

Level 14-17 445k – 1.3m – The Three Fanes.

Level 17-18 – 1.3m – 1.8m – Amber Temple.

Level 18-19 – 1.8m – 2.55m – Strahd’s Castle.

Level 19-20 – 2.55m – 3.6m – Strahd’s Castle.


Ravenloft - Curse of the Vampire King

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